15+ Foto Favorit Apple yang Diambil Hanya Menggunakan Iphone 6






Pada bulan Maret 2015 lalu, pihak Apple meluncurkan sebuah kampanye iklan global yang berjudul “Shot on iPhone 6“. Papan iklan besar (billboard) di 70 kota dari 24 negara di seluruh dunia akan menampilkan foto-foto terpilih yang diambil menggunakan smartphone iPhone 6.

77 fotografer iPhone akan diperkenalkan dalam kampanye tersebut, setelah pihak Apple menseleksi foto mana saja yang akan menjadi favorit mereka untuk ditampilkan dalam iklan global tersebut. Para fotografer berasal dari latar-belakang, kebangsaan, usia, profesi, budaya dan pengalaman fotografi yang berbeda-beda. Sepertinya ini menjadi salah satu galeri foto mobile terbesar di dunia.

Perlu diketahui bahwa fotografer terpilih tidak ditugaskan oleh pihak Apple atau sengaja dipekerjakan mencari bahan materi iklan. Justru sebaliknya, pihak perusahaan hanya mereview puluhan ribu foto yang diterbitkan di situs resmi Apple, lalu memilih beberapa di antaranya untuk dijadikan foto favorit Apple.

Salah satunya adalah foto di atas yang ditangkap oleh Renee M. di Union CityCalifornia. Pihak Apple tertarik dengan foto tersebut karena keseimbangan antara bayangan dan cahaya yang membantu menyoroti rincian halus dari jejak kaki mengulang di tanah.

Berikut adalah 20 foto favorit Apple yang diambil menggunakan smartphone iPhone 6, beserta dengan alasan mengapa pihak Apple memilih mereka:

Shot by Ahmed A. in Albuquerque, NM.
When photographing a flat landscape, focusing on foreground elements — like the partially inflated balloons in this photo — helps create greater depth of field.

Shot by Brendan Ó. in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Shooting from an unexpected angle can add an interesting twist. Here, it creates contours in the lines that convey a sense of movement to the viewer.

Shot by Cielo D. in Alameda, CA.
Shooting your subject in a reflection — like the one on this wet street — can make a simple scene seem surreal and surprising.

Shot by Cole R. in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.
You can use composition to tell thought-provoking stories. In this photo, a solitary human figure against a backdrop of sky creates both scale and a sense of isolation.

Shot by Cole R. in Star Valley Ranch, WY.
Establishing a central focal point can have dramatic impact. Here, wispy clouds lead the eye to the hut and create a stronger sense of focus.

Shot by Cory S. in Lake Cushman, WA.
The presence of human subjects in a natural setting like this forest creates a more relatable sense of scale and emphasizes the height of other elements in the photo.

Shot by Gabby K. in Snoqualmie Pass, WA.
Soft lighting and a focus on reflections can add a dreamy, ethereal quality to a photo — here, they create the illusion that the subject is almost floating.

Shot by Hattan A. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Focusing on the patterns in a scene, like the one created by this hallway, can produce a striking element of visual interest

Shot by Hyeong Jun K. in Seoul, South Korea.
The exaggerated scale of a shadow, like the one cast by the tree, can add an element of interest to a stark landscape.

Shot by Jeremiah C. in Amicalola Falls State Park, GA.
Finding a common theme in different elements, like the flowing waterfall and the woman’s flowing locks, can make a photo more compelling.

Shot by Jeremiah C. in Atlanta, GA.
Using reflection is a great way to capture two perspectives in the same image. Here, the puddle shows the photographer’s top-down perspective as well as the ground-up perspective of the building and sky.

Shot by Jirasak P. in Mae Hong Sorn, Thailand.
Convergent lines, like those created by the trees and shoreline, can provide a more interesting perspective in a composition.

Shot by John L. in British Columbia, Canada.
Sometimes the physical elements in a scene, like the car window and side mirror here, can frame a photo. 

Shot by Jun I. in Tokyo, Japan.
Capturing opposing subjects together, like the manmade overpass and the natural element provided by the trees in this photo, helps create a compelling contrast.

Shot by Kim G. in El Calafate, Argentina.
Aligning elements along the imaginary lines dividing an image into thirds — the way the trees, glacier, and mountains are seen here — can bring balance to a composition.

Shot by Noah W. in Marina Del Rey, CA.
Use naturally occurring shadows to your advantage. In this photo, the solid silhouette of the dog interrupts the stripes cast across the sidewalk.

Shot by Sarah P. in White Sands, NM.
Capturing people in nature shots can help define the scale of the setting and make it more compelling. The silhouettes in this photo amplify the desert’s vastness and turn an ordinary landscape into a story.

Shot by Shan L. in San Francisco, CA.
Sometimes the best shots aren’t planned. The bird flying through this photo adds a sense of scale and surprise to an iconic view, making the whole composition more interesting.

Shot by Waldemar N. in Gdańsk, Poland.
Shooting from an unusual perspective, like from the forest floor in this photo, can create a more interesting viewpoint.

Sedangkan 57 foto terpilih yang tampil di kampanye Apple bisa dilihat website resmi Apple di sini.

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